Door To Door Cargo

Cargo is delivered by many means like trains, Airbuses, and wagons but this service only works within the country. Many Pakistanis are gone abroad to earn money for their family.

Uk has a big community of Pakistanis living there and earning big money and also many business men’s from Pakistan visit Uk to buy goods for their business and take them to Pakistan and sell them with profit.

Many are settled there, but some aren’t. Their families are in Pakistan.Many business men’s doing business in Pakistan need equipment from abroad and need a door to door cargo service which is safe, fast and reliable.

We are offering this service to Pakistani peoples and people of Azad Kashmir For the cargo service to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir; our services deliver cargo packages with air transport or ships. Air cargos are urgent cargos delivered on urgent bases and big cargos like containers, and big machinery cargos are transported through big ships.

Our cargo service is most reliable service, and we deliver cargos to all parts of Pakistan. Azad Kashmir is the city that where our cargo service works perfectly. We are the most trusted door to door cargo delivery service from the UK to Pakistan. Our networks agent will allow you to check your shipment’s detail whenever you want. We will deliver your cargo safely to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

The government of Pakistan has many concerns with security, so it has made many rules that we follow and fulfill the security demands of the government to ship the cargo in Kashmir and other parts of Pakistan.

We secure the cargo with many methods conventional load securing method is our specialty. We deliver heavy steel machinery part and secure them from any kind of damage. Steel straps are used to secure steel items, and wood blocking is used to secure wooden item from any damage.We follow international guidelines that make customers feel secure about their cargo, and they can relax until the cargo is shipped.

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