From our personal experiences we realised the need and aspiration of people in the UK and Europe that wish to send their goods/items to their families and friends in Pakistan, and also businesses that require similar services.

This is why we launched this company a few years ago when there was no service like this to Pakistan. Our vision then was to launch a service that could meet your needs and enable you the customer to send parcels to Pakistan with ease. We are proud that we have delivered this vision to our customers.

Having created drop of locations with our business partners across the whole of the United Kingdom such as London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford, Bristol, Newport, Swansea, Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow, Luton and many other cities and also having created locations in Pakistan, we successfully offer our clients a complete door-to-door service, which is tailored to their requirements.

Our dedicated staff have worked hard and effectively to provide our customers with excellent cargo services over the last several successful years. With this staff dedication EXPRESS Cargo Service Ltd. has reached across the whole of UK, Europe & Pakistan. We will continue to offer you a great service now and in the future.


Our Mission

  • Let us be the link between you and home.
  • Give you the customer full transparency throughout the delivery process.
  • To track and record all customer shipments to Pakistan.
  • Give you the customer best possible customer service experience.
  • Have dedicated and pasionate staff working for you.

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